Vent Cutter, Semi-Automatic:

The Jarvis VC - pneumatically powered vent removal tool for all types of poultry.

 The Jarvis Model VC -

pneumatically powered vent removal toolfor all types of poultry.

 --Ideal tool for high precision and extremely
economical poultry vent removal for any type or size of bird.
--Labor reduction - high speed and efficient
--vent and rosebud gland removal allow a
--reduction in line personnel.
--Increased yield - cut size is controlled by the vent gun, not the operator.
--Reduced contamination - fecal material is sucked away as the Model VC removes vents.
--Low maintenance, high reliability - a weekly greasing is all that is required.
--Low cost - the Model VC is economically priced with hardened surgical stainless blades for outstanding durability.
--Free, on-site service - an unparalleled benefit only from Jarvis.
--Meets national and international requirements for safety and hygiene.

Drive Pneumatic
Operating Pressure 30 - 60 PSI 2.0 - 4.1 bar
Air Consumption 5.6 - 14 CFM 0.1 6 - 0.39 m3/Min
Vacuum Requirements (minimum) 15 in Hg 380 mm Hg
Free Air Flow (for vacuum) 6 - 7 CFM 0. 1 6 - 0.19 m3/Min
Capacity Limited by operator skill (avg. 3000 / hour)
Control Handle Single Trigger
Blade Diameter (range) 0.75 - 1.75 in 19 - 44 mm
Blade Length (range) 0.88 - 3.50 in 22 - 89 mm
Overall Length 11 in 267 mm
Weight 3.2 lbs 1.4 kg

Equipment Selection and Accessories Order Number

Model VC
tool complete: includes hoses, control circuit, balancer, blade,
pilot pin, grease and oil, fittings, grease gun, and sharpening stone 4302008
tool only: includes blade and pilot pin 4302007
Hoses and Tubes
Air Hose Assembly 1323011
Vacuum Hose 1323010
Water Tube 1323019
Control Circuit 3350006
Balancer 1350084
Pilot Pin

* To be determined when ordering.