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More details about Vikan hygiene system

Fully colour coded range
Vikan hygiene system is available in 5 colours, the system thus matching the various HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) systems that are implemented in modern food processing industries in order to secure the consumers the best possible foodstuffs. If you wish to get more information about how Vikan hygiene system can help you optimise individual HACCP systems, please do not hesitate to contact Vikan A/S.

Manual cleaning has turned out to be the most advantageous way, of obtaining effective cleaning. Today the majority of the food processing industries are working on finding the most feasible mix between CIP, low-pressure or high-pressure installations and manual cleaning. Today we know much more about the problems arising from spreading bacteria via the use of both low-pressure and high-pressure cleaning,  as well as from the micro bacteria emerging on all surfaces of the production equipment. It turns out that these bacteria often only can be removed by manual cleaning with hygiene tools. The fact that Vikan hygiene system
includes so many different tools enables you to find the most useful tool for the specific job, which is then solved in the best and quickest possible way.
Already in the designing phase we have taken the hygiene into consideration. All our products are made of solid polypropylene, this preventing small holes in the plastic material which could store bacteria. The surface of the products is without any groves and holes difficult to clean, and the filaments are made of first class polyester, which only absorbs 0.3% water during use, providing poorer living conditions for bacteria.

The study of working positions and movements of  cleaning staff is an integrated part of the Vikan hygiene system
. Wherever it is possible we have developed our cleaning tools in such a way that they support the ergonomically correct way of working. Our, handles minimise the strain on the small muscles of the hand, securing effective work with less effort. The handles are adjustable in the height, which relieves the pressure on the back. Our hand brushes are with ergonomically correct hand grips, and several products have been designed with a special view to improving the working position of the User.
Vikan hygiene systemģ no. 1 in food safety !