• Provide automatic heat treatment of smoked products, i.e. reddening, warming-through, drying, smoking and cooking, without any additional operations.
  • Smoking chambers are suited for smoking of all kinds of products, e.g.: Frankfurters, sausages, salamis, meat, poultry, fish,cheese, etc.
  • It is possible to use cold smoke technology in a smoking chamber model equipped with chilling.
  • The chambers can be used for heat-treating of ham and similar products in moulds or vapourproof casings.
  • They facilitate meatloaf roasting.
  • The technological process of heat treatment is operated by means of a microprocessor control unit in accordance with a chosen program. A user is in a position to write his or her own programs according to actual needs and requirements. If necessary a user can change already running programs.
  • Standardly a smoking chamber is delivered as a partly open system with an exhaust to the smoke chimney.
Ecological model is equipped with a catalyst.

  • Smoking chambers are equipped with high-efficient air circulation systems which guarantee temperature and smoking uniform distribution on any place insidechambers.
  • Humidity can be regulated for each section separately and it is read by means of a psychrometric sensor.
  • Steam is made either by water mist injection or direct steam injection into the chamber.
  • The smoking chamber is manufactured of chrome-nickel stainless steel with grinding, respectively pickled surface finish. Panel and door construction provides for perfect heat insulation without heat leaks. Solid construction of doors is completed with a reliable closing system. Door sealing providing perfect working area closure is made of silicone rubber.
  • Door opening can be made either right or left as required.
  • Smoke and air flaps are set automatically by means of pneumatic pistons according to the running program.
  • Air circulation system is supported with a high-efficient fan with 2850/1450 r.p.m. for each smoking trolley.
  • The smoking chamber can be manufactured in a tunnel version with trolleys in one row or in a two-row version.
A smoke generator is an integral part of the smoking chamber. A client can choose from the three following types
  • Wooden-chip - smoke is generated by glowing of wooden chips on a special grate. Wooden chips are transported from a feed hopper automatically. Electric heating elements provide wooden chip burning.
  • Friction - smoke is generated by wood block friction on a specially constructed rotating cylinder.
  • Liquid smoke applicator - smoke is generated by liquid smoke atomization by a special nozzle with help of compressed air.
The smoke generator position can be chosen according to client‘s requirements, either left or right. The microprocessor control unit optimizes the whole process of smoke generation. The way of smoking chamber heating can be chosen from the following options:
  • Electric
  • Gas
    • natural gas
    • lighting gas
    • propane
    • propane-butane
  • Oil
  • Steam
The smoking chamber is equipped with an automatic washing system. The whole washing process is controlled by the microprocessor unit.
The smoking chambers MAUTING can be manufactured from one-trolley models up to six-trolley ones in a tunnel version or from two-trolley chambers up to eight-trolley ones in a two-row version. The chambers can be fitted with a door from one side, if need be from both sides as a passing (tunnel) version. One-trolley chambers are manufactured in three sizes in accordance with the required capacity and the height of the room which the chamber is to be installed into.
A core temperature sensor is an integral part of the smoking chamber.
The regulator provides for thermal processing according to the method of “Delta-T”. This processing method improves the quality and output at the actual energy decrease. At this procedure the chamber temperature is continuously raised depending on a core temperature and a pre-selected difference of “Delta-T”.
The chamber humidity is measured by means of a psychrometer and can be controlled by a program.

Type UKM 2004 E

Type UKM 2004 G (7x)

Type UKM 2002 G

Type UKM 2004 G

Type UKM 2002D (2x) + VKM 2002D (1x)

Type UKM 2002 E (2x)

Type UKM 1501 E

Liquid smoke applicator