• It provides for automatic control of the smoking, cooking or chilling chambers.
  • It is equipped with a regulator ADITEC MIC 2016 or MIC 2500 in accordance with client‘s requirements.
  • It regulates:
    The chamber temperature, relative humidity, catalyst temperature, entering amount of steam getting to the chamber, entering amount of chilling medium getting to the refrigerating exchanger, cooking in accordance with the method of „Delta-T“
  • It controls and regulates the smoke generator, it controls automatic chamber washing, a step of the fan running.
  • It activates: showering, automatic door opening, air flap valve resetting in the smoke piping.
  • It monitors the chamber temperature, core temperature, catalyst temperature, smoke generator temperature.
  • It watches the amount of wooden chips in the smoke generator.
  • It activates a friction smoke generator, liquid smoke applicator and additional devices.
The regulator display indicates:
  • Real and required values of chamber temperature, core temperature and relative humidity.
  • Time of the running step, respectively the time remaining to the set step finish.
  • The program number and the running step number - only regulator MIC 2016.
  • The product name and the running step name - only regulator MIC 2500.
  • The regulator provides to load 99 programs, each of which can contain up to 20 steps (phases).
  • Resistance sensors Pt100 are connected to the regulator inputs. They are used for measuring of chamber temperature and relative humidity, core temperature, smoke tem perature behind the smoke generator. A thermoelectric sensor is connected for measuring of the catalyst temperature.
  • The regulator outputs are made by 22 relays, which are used either as regulating or for program control of actuating units of smoking, cooking or chilling chambers.
  • The regulator is fitted with a serial interface RS 232 for PC connection because of data collection and registration. The data contain information on heating process behaviour.
Data collection and registration program on PC - the program equipment up-grade
  • The program is designed for data collection, loading, identification, retrieval, print and back-up of information on temperature behaviour in the process of smoking, respectively cooking or intensive chilling and control unit program setting.
Data collection and registration program on PC - the program equipment up-grade
  • Data collection program - collects data from smoking (cooking or chilling) chamber control units and records them into the tables running on the WINDOWS background.
  • Collected data processing program - contains a special sheet for each smoking (cooking or chilling) chamber, which records previous data from control units and provides for their next usage.

MIC 2016

MIC 2500

MIC 2800